We’re hiring again!

Community Manager in the Netherlands

Hi, future 🇳🇱 Community Manager of Promoty!

We’re building a platform that connects brands with Instagram influencers. For the brands, it’s a marketing tool that helps them to find their true fans on social media. For influencers, we help them to make living with what they love the most.

With the current product, we’ve engaged over 40 000 content creators and 2000 brands in Estonia, Finland, and Latvia. This autumn, we’re planning to launch the next version of the product and expand to 5 new markets – including the Netherlands.

That’s why, we’re now hiring a part-time Dutch Community Manager who’d take care of the local marketing, sales, and customer support.

Your job will be to

• Launch, manage and grow Promoty on the 🇳🇱 market;
• Handle local customer support;
• Make sure that local campaigns run smoothly;
• Reach out to new brands and agencies who might benefit from Promoty;
• Onboard new customers and stay in touch with the existing ones;
• Translate and distribute the marketing materials;
• Create content and build a community on social media;
• Help us to execute our marketing plan in the Netherlands.

You’re a perfect candidate if

• You 💜 Instagram, marketing and social media;
• You are good with people and not afraid of doing B2B sales;
• You have previous experience in sales, customer service or marketing;
• You’re a people’s person who enjoys communicating, phone calls and meetings;
• You’re a doer: ambitious, goal-oriented and willing to do more than expected;
• You’re willing to work independently, take a lead and show initiative;
• You’re constantly hungry to get better and learn new skills;
• You are a (preferably native) Dutch speaker, with good grammar;
• You’re ready to travel to Estonia once in a while to attend team events.

What are we offering?

• One hell of a ride 📈 (we’re growing and right at the brink of starting a massive blitzscaling operation);
• Remote work option: a chance to work whenever you want, wherever you want;

• Working together with a young, ambitious, international team;
• Professional coaching in sales, marketing, and strategy;
• In-depth knowledge in influencer marketing;
• A salary, of course;
• An option package (shares of the company);
• A full-time position in charge of the whole Dutch market if you fulfill goals and prove yourself.


How to apply?

It’s simple: write us a motivational letter to info@promoty.eu describing 1) why you’d like to join us and 2) your previous experience in the field. Don’t forget to add links to your LinkedIn and other social media channels!

Application due date 9th August 2020.


Excitedly waiting 😍

Team Promoty

Promoty was founded in late 2017 by Aleks Koha and Leonardo Romanello in Tallinn, Estonia. So far, we've been operating in three markets: Estonia, Finland (promoty.fi) and Latvia (promoty.lv), got over 40 000 influencers and 2200 marketers joined the platform and executed over 1000 campaigns. This year. we raised €500,000 on Funderbeam (read more on foundme.io and see the Funderbeam campaign brief).

This year, we're launching the next version of our product and expanding to 5 new markets: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands and Lithuania. Our team consists of 10 people from 5 different countries – and hopefully, at the end of the year, it will be 15 people from 10 different countries!

If you have any questions about the job offer, our team or the company, feel free to reach out and ask!