Privacy Policy

Promoty follows the European data protection regulation (EU GDPR). You will agree to this Privacy Policy if you have agreed to the terms and conditions on signing up. If you no longer agree with this Policy you may delete your Promoty account which is a irreversible process and will delete all data.

The Data Protection Officer for Promoty Marketing OÜ is Leonardo Romanello (

Data processing and storage

Why does Promoty need to store data and process it?

Personal information (data from here on) collection and storage is required to offer the best service for both content creators and marketers. Based on the data, relevant matches are made, statistics is compiled, results are measured. Data is processed only with the consent of the marketer and the content creator and only for providing the Promoty service in the required extent defined by Promoty.

By agreeing you will consent to the following:

  • Promoty is allowed to collect and process the following personal information: first name, last name, personal identification code, e-mai, phone number, address, birth date, gender, credit card information, paypal information and other demographic information.
  • Data is stored until the content creator or the marketer has an account on Promoty, the data will irreversibly be deleted when the account is deleted.
  • The data is stored in an encrypted format.
  • Promoty can process the data and transfer the data to third parties in the case of legal procedures, obligations, contracts with customers or other requirements.
  • The data is renewed daily, except for unchangeable or rarely changing information (like personal identification code, name, birth date etc.).
  • Promoty uses data for profiling and creating demographic target audiences for the purpose of marketing and sales, if you need more details on this please e-mail us at
  • Promoty is allowed to process and use the data and media created by content creators and marketers with the intent to do marketing, sales or public relations in the media and in Promotys own channels.
  • Promoty is allowed to process the data for statistics (for internal and external use).
  • Promoty may display your information to the marketer account owners and to Promoty staff.
  • Promoty has the right to transfer data in the Promoty database in full extent or partially to third parties or services without prior notice (for example e-mail entry to the e-mail service GetResponse or payment information to Mangopay).
  • Promoty uses cookies to analyze the usage of Promoty with the intent to improve the service (for example we use Google Analytics). If you agree to the privacy policy, you also agree to cookies being placed into your device.
  • Promoty has the right to sell the database that may contain users or customers personal information to third parties without prior notice or approval (for example in the event another company acquires Promoty Marketing OÜ).


Users under the age of 18

Users under the age of 18 have to get parental consent in order to use Promoty by doing the following:

  • Enter your legal guardians e-mail into Promoty to get consent or the legal guardian has to send a free form consent e-mail to
  • The user can add a legal guardian under settings and once the legal guardian verifies their identity based on the Mangopay Identity Verification process, then the consent is granted.
  • Once the consent is granted the account is activated.


If you have questions about data protection, please write to our DPO